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Doctordry: Your Partner in Moisture Control Solutions

As a top-tier manufacturer, Doctordry’s desiccant and dehumidifier bags lead the market in performance and safety. Through our dedicated B2B services, we empower wholesalers, importers, agents, and retailers globally with our high-quality OEM and ODM offerings.

HongQing Zahng

General Manager


Our household products range from car dehumidifiers and bamboo charcoal bags to camera desiccants and shoe desiccants.


We provide industrial desiccants such as silica gel, montmorillonite, mineral earth, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride desiccants.


In the food sector, we offer desiccants like oxygen absorbers and deoxidizers

Our Story

The Unforgettable Journey of DoctorDry: Protecting Precious Products Worldwide

In the heart of China, a simple idea birthed the pioneering desiccant manufacturer, DoctorDry. Our mission, spurred by the common industry issue of humidity damage, was to safeguard products globally. We combat moisture silently but efficiently, protecting goods across sectors with our household, industrial, and food desiccants.

Innovation is at our core, with our R&D team continually improving our environmentally friendly desiccants. Despite our primary focus on B2B operations, DoctorDry’s commitment extends to the end consumer. Each desiccant packet we provide symbolizes a promise of protection and quality care.

Our reach has become global, but we remain anchored to our origins, always aware of the problem that birthed our mission and the conviction fueling our growth.

Looking forward, we see a future where every product is safeguarded by DoctorDry, eliminating moisture-induced losses for businesses, and ensuring perfect condition deliveries for consumers.

DoctorDry, the silent guardian and invisible protector, is your trusted ally against humidity. Together, we aim to make the world a safer, drier place, one product at a time.

Our Mission

Securing Global Supply Chains

Doctordry: Combining technological innovation with top-tier quality

Our mission at Doctordry is to provide global importers, agents, wholesalers, supermarkets, and grocery stores with superior, reliable desiccant and dehumidifier solutions. Through our OEM and ODM services, we aim to create bespoke products, mitigating moisture damage and ensuring product integrity, making supply chains safer and more efficient worldwide.


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Our Team

The Powerhouse Team: Driving Innovation at Doctordry

Get to know our team – the creative minds behind our high-quality desiccants and dehumidifiers. Our B2B customers trust us for our committed OEM and ODM services, customized to their specific needs.

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Ms Yao

Ms Yao

HR Manager

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Project Manager

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Sales Manager

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Workshop Director

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